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About Us

Founded in 1919, Crescent Credit Union was originally chartered to serve the financial needs of employees at the Tarlow Brothers Leather Company in Brockton, Massachusetts. As the credit union grew, it moved into a small building on Crescent Street and adopted the street's name. Today, we serve over 50,000 members who look to us as their financial partner.

Local, Safe, and Secure

When you bank with Crescent, feel confident in knowing your deposits are invested locally. We put your money to work right here, in your community, in the form of prudent home loans, car loans, and business loans to your friends and neighbors.

Our Mission

You work too hard for your money for us to give you anything less than our best effort. Our mission is to provide you with the great feeling of better banking. That's what you expect. That's what you deserve. And that's what we firmly believe we can deliver better than anyone else!

Crescent Credit Union, A Division of Sharon & Crescent United Credit Union NMLS #463186
1300 Belmont Street P.O. Box 4290, Brockton, MA  02303
Toll Free:  (800) 894-4445 Ext. 6364
Direct:  (508) 408-6364
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