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Welcome to Crescent Credit Union, 
A Division of Sharon & Crescent United Credit Union.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service with competitive rates and loan programs. Along with the convenience of our online application, you have the assistance of  a Mortgage Loan Originator to guide you through the loan process.

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Loan applicant must meet Sharon & Crecsent United Credit Union membership requirements. Please click on Membership Requirements listed under Company Info, for details on Membership Qualification

Sharon & Crescent United Credit Union Company NMLS ID # 463186

Never send personal or financial information by email unsecured. 

Please upload all your loan documents in your secured on-line loan portal to protect your personal information.


Crescent Credit Union, A Division of Sharon & Crescent United Credit Union NMLS #463186
1300 Belmont Street P.O. Box 4290, Brockton, MA  02303
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